THE COMPANY SCORPION INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY (SITC) is an innovative alloy wheel distribution company. We provide high quality, affordable, industry leading fashion conscious products, ranging†from classic alloy wheels to the current range of stylish alloys.

Become the preferred supplier, by choice, for Alloy Wheels

To deliver the highest quality alloy wheels Ensure customer satisfaction To build significant market share globally

Quality, Integrity and†Pride Encourage Entrepreneurship, Ownership and Decisivenessí Commitment to environment and community


  • Better handling
  • Aesthetics/Beauty/Good Looks
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Faster pickup
  • Better heat dissipation from brakes
  • Longer tyre life
  • Less prone to bends
  • Better ride quality
  • No corrosion like in stock rims
  • Improved acceleration and braking
  • Stronger than steel

Our entire process, commencing from the original smelting of the ingot to the final inspection of the product is performed in house. Our manufacturing process includes, At SITC, we not only procure wheels in accordance to the international standard, what matter most to us is the satisfaction and the safety of the customer. In the production, from design to casting, from machining to testing, from finishing to packing, every single processing station, is backed by state of the art technology. Every single product is in tuned to world trend and ever changing of motorist preferences.