Whether you are seeking for wheels for heavy and large vehicles or the normal luxurious motor cars, we are here to offer you all this.
We are only here to offer the best when it comes to the alloy wheels.
Our wheels come in all sizes and styles. We offer wide collection of more than 24 models of alloy wheel compatible with all cars. We have the expertise and knowledge and we only offer the best and most affordable wheels. We are out there to deliver the best when it comes to the alloy wheels.
We are committed to quality and maintains our high quality standards.

How do I know which wheels fit my car?

Most wheels will come in a range of fitments. If you select 4 or 5 that you like, drop us an email and we'll be able to tell you.

The picture shows 4 stud but my car has 5 stud - does this mean they won't fit?

No it doesn't mean they won't fit. We use whatever picture the manufacturer give us. Wheels will often come in both 4 and 5 stud fitments.

The size of the tyres advertised is not the size I need for my car, what do I need to do?

We will always call you to confirm the tyre size if we see that your car needs a different sized tyre. You can order online with the advertised size and we'll sort the rest - there may be a slight increase in cost if the tyre size needed is more expensive.

Do I really need locking wheel nuts?
We would always advise you to purchase locking wheel nuts. It's sad that you may need them but it's better to be safe than sorry. Locking wheel nuts will stop someone removing your lovely new wheels and running away with them